Legacy Stair Lifts

Easy accessibility in your Spring, TX home

The Legacy Stair Lift is an ultra-compact stair lift designed to give accessibility to your multi-level home! Homeowners with extremely narrow stair cases will enjoy the ultra-thin design of this stair lift. The lift unit only takes up just a little more than 11 inches when folded, allowing able-bodied housemates and guest's ideal access to the stairs. The Legacy Stair Lift is built for durability, with a tough all-metal case construction that withstands normal wear-and-tear far better than other comparable stair lift brands. The powerful worm-rack system can securely transport up to 350 pounds, and an adjustable-height padded seat with durable folding arms ensures that you will remain comfortable during transit - the seat measures in at 19 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

The Legacy Stair Lift differs from many of our competitors' stair lift units in that the track attaches to the stairs themselves versus the wall, and every point of contact uses a single bracket, making installation easier on homeowners and handymen. Our stair lift is well-matched with any standard household power outlet, and the battery that powers the unit charges at the top or bottom of the track, providing a reserve of power that keeps your stair lift going even in the event of a power outage. An arm-mounted operation switch is included as a standard feature, along with a standard array of safety switches that prevent the lift from operating if an obstruction blocks your path. The seat swivels at the top, away from the steps, so the rider can safely exit or enter the stair lift.