Remember how relaxing it was to sink into a warm bath after a long day? Don't let the fear of a fall keep you from that soothing experience. LEGACY Safe Homes offers walk-in tub installation services for homeowners in Spring, Kingwood, TX and surrounding areas.

Talk to us about your needs and fears. We'll build a custom walk-in tub that prioritizes your safety without compromising style. We have 20 years of industry experience, so you can depend on us to build an accessible tub that you'll enjoy for years. Contact us now to schedule your walk-in tub installation in Spring, TX and surrounding areas.

Take a look at your new tub's features

After one bath in a walk-in tub, you'll wonder why you didn't schedule an installation sooner. A few standard features of walk-in tubs include:

  • Low threshold doors
  • Non-slip floors
  • Leak-proof doors
  • ADA-compliant bathtub seats
  • Interior grab bars

A walk-in tub will help you to bathe safely and in comfort. We offer financing options and a lifetime warranty on walk-in tub installations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your walk-in tub feature options.

Legacy's Walk-In Bathtub Allows You to Safely Enter and Exit your Bathtub

The Legacy Walk-in Tub Features a left or right-hand inward-swinging door and drain orientation, ergonomic door handle, ergonomic interior grab bar, stainless steel tub frame with 6 adjustable leveling feet, easily-removable access panels,

Included Accessories (standard with every tub):

  • Tub extension kit to fill 60 inch spaces.
  • 5 piece chrome faucet set
  • ADA compliant all brass construction
  • 3/4" water supply to fill up to 18 gallons per minute.
  • Drain and overflow kit
  • Elegant chrome plated design adheres to ADA standards.
  • Easy to use cable actuated stopper assembly.
  • 1-1/2" drain compatible with nearly all residential plumbing
  • With its 38-inch height, this tub model is recommended for users between 120-250 lbs.

Therapeutic Spa Options

Hydromassage System

  • 10 individually adjustable water jets
  • Ultra-quiet 1-horsepower pump
  • Automatic air mixture for a more vigorous massage
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Plumbing engineered to ensure proper drainage
  • Patented "safety suction" water return

Air Massage System

  • 18 low-profile brass air jets
  • Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Ceramic heating element in the blower warms the air bubbles
  • Purge cycle clears residual water from the air channels between baths

Dual Massage System

  • 16 state-of-the-art chrome air jets
  • 10 state-of-the-art water jets
  • Separate on/off buttons allow for individual or simultaneous use of the two jet systems
  • Ultra-quiet pump powering water jets is quietest in the world (less than 5 dB(A) ambient noise)
  • CG Air Systems blower powering air jets is quietest in the world
  • Combined action of the blower's ceramic heater and pump's heat-recirculating technology comfortably maintain the warmth of the bath water
  • Easy-touch controls adjust overall jet strength
  • Following shutoff, air jets self-clean automatically, and blower's automatic cleaning cycle purges excess water from air lines, maintaining a sterile massage system


  • Easy-clean diffuser well mounted on tub deck (seen below)
  • Elegant chrome cover
  • Easy-touch on/off keypad
  • Bowl is oil-resistant for easy maintenance
  • Integrated check-valve prevents infiltration of water pump
  • Small 0.5 Amp air pump effectively distributes fragrance


  • Three 9-LED lights strategically placed in the walk-in tub basin
  • Easy-touch keypad control
  • On/Off - Allows the option of bathing with chromatherapy on or off, depending on the user's preference or mood
  • Color Forward - Manually cycle through and pause on a favorite color
  • Rainbow Cycle - Automatically sets the chromatherapy system to transition through the entire spectrum of colors. Each color lasts for five seconds before cycling through to the next
  • Fast and slow color transition cycles at the touch of a button

Standard Features

  • 6-inch door threshold
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door
  • ADA-compliant 17-inch high seat
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Contoured tub seat and back rest
  • Huntington Brass Speedy-Fill ADA-compliant chrome faucet set with retractable handspray
  • Polished steel interior grab bar
  • Welded stainless steel frame with ample floor and seat support
  • White or bisque high-sheen gel-coat finish over woven fiberglass body
  • Westbrass cable actuated drain and overflow kit
  • Two easy-access maintenance panels
  • Right-hand or left-hand door
  • Stainless steel door hinge and ergonomic door handle
  • Six adjustable leveling feet to ensure door seal integrity
  • Extension kit that can fill in 60-inch space or be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches

Options & Accessories

Optional Massage System

  • Senior-friendly electronic keypad standard with all systems.
  • Air massage system.
  • 18 state of the art air jets.
  • Ultra quiet blower.
  • Ceramic heating element to warm blower air.
  • Incorporated heater to warm your bath.
  • 10 vigorous, individually adjustable, directional water jets.
  • Hydro-massage pumps that are ultra quiet & energy efficient.
  • Duel Massage System
  • Ozone purification system for automatic sanitation of the air and/or hydromassage systems
  • Shower slide bar for taking seated or standing showers
  • Wall grab bar
  • Temperature mixing valve to ensure desired water temperature
  • Straight or L-Shaped shower rod, hooks & curtain (specifically designed for walk-in tubs)
  • Special finish faucet sets available
  • End panel for walk-in tub installed against two walls rather than three
  • Open-cell, easy-to-clean seat cushion
  • Open-cell, easy-to-clean bathing pillow
  • Bathing support harness for those with special needs