Find Out What Makes LEGACY Safe Homes Tick

Find Out What Makes LEGACY Safe Homes Tick

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My name is Andrew and I am the owner of Legacy Safe Homes. Over the years, I worked for many walk-in tubs companies, which all trained us to take advantage of a customer's fear. Fear of falling, fear of moving to a home for elderly, fear of losing independence. I strongly disliked the idea of scaring people into making a purchase . I also considered the extremely over-priced tubs outrageous, as well as poor customer service the companies would provide, once you've signed a contract.

I wanted to create a different company. A company that would focus on support of aging or disabled people, instead of their fear. A compassionate and respectful company that wouldn't leave people broke or with a debt to pay for years, after purchasing a necessity like a walk-in tub. I knew I could offer the excellent quality American-made tubs, for a fraction of the industry's average price.

That is why I created Legacy Safe Homes. Our tubs are made in California. They're excellent quality, with many models and sizes to choose from.

Our team consists of 6 guys with a decade of experience. They are quick, clean and do an excellent job, which many of our very happy clients can attest to.

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